Hi, I'm Stefanos.
I make things. Welcome to my studio.
'stoikos studio' is my own independent, creative studio with a focus on the establishment of stoic and significant relationships between great companies/organisations/individuals and their consumers. The ambition, objective or characteristic spirit of 'stoikos studio' is best summarised by a quality phrase from Edward Tufte: "Simple design, intense content."
Me? I grew up in Greece, lived in Germany for an extensive amount of time, which is also where I currently live, and have studied Visual Communication in Scotland - so I speak English, German and Greek fluently.
I have always enjoyed creating and building things, some of my earliest work would have been the reverse engineering of Lego constructions, or setting up fictional scenarios - mostly sci-fi related. Since then I have followed my passion for design and storytelling. I aim for simplicity and humour. All in all, I like illustrating reality and telling a story.
Need my help? Send me an email:
Thank you!