The Fall of Icarus
Initially, this project was meant to be a poster design for Imagine Dragons and their new single 'I Bet My Life'. Instead, it turned into a brief adaption of the story of Icarus.​​​​​​​
The quotes are taken from a Poem by Enygma.
Icarus. - by Enigma
I was once confined in colossal walls
Each corner and path lead to the unknown
Thought of escaping by flying above this cage
On a contraption Daedalus called his own

I saw the end of the labyrinth
The sweet smell of liberation filled the air
I saw another thing-- much brighter, more captivating
To ignore the beauty of Sol, I wouldn't even dare

I knew reaching the sun was pure insanity
I knew I wasn't supposed to go near it
But what was stopping me?
What could get in the way between you and me?

All my efforts flying up were completely wasted
It didn't even take a while to realize
How the wings made of wax quickly melted
Down I go in utter surprise

I used to think that only animals are kept inside cages
Now I know why hearts are confined in them, too
To keep us from listening to the temptations of its sinful desires
Before we realize it all too soon